Tired of the same old team-building exercises? Escape rooms are the perfect bonding experience. All players must work together to solve the room’s mystery. For that reason, they are popular endeavors for birthday parties, date nights, church groups and team building. We are very flexible and try to provide each group with a fun and challenging experience. We also have a private room available to host team building events and birthday parties. If you would like to receive more information about pricing and booking options, please contact us by phone at (843) 309-9209 or email us at

10 Reasons Escape Rooms are Perfect for team-building

1. Improves Team Spirit and Motivation

Your employees are your company’s most valuable asset. And, as such, we must give our employees great job satisfaction. The happier our employees are, the better they will perform and the better our business will do. As such, it is very important to provide our employees with activities and tasks that have great rewards and make them feel amazing. Escape rooms are incredible for motivating employees and providing them with a great sense of achievement.

2. Improves Communication

There are a number of different reasons why communication is critical.

For example, finding all the parts of a puzzle is critical to completing that particular puzzle. So, should a team member find something hidden away and communicate it to the rest of the team, one other team member may link it to something they are working on. This means that the particular challenge can be completed more efficiently and the team worked together to complete it.

3. Supports Collaboration

Escape Rooms are built on collaboration. Teams in escape rooms are required to work together to achieve the goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. Particular puzzles and physical challenges may require one person to direct and another to control, or even more than 1 person to control

4. Identifies Employees Strengths

Escape Rooms contain many varied types of puzzles and challenges. Whether you are a visual learner, auditory learner, doer or anything in between, escape rooms will present you with something that plays to your strengths. Leveraging our strengths, as a team, can help us do some amazing things. Our rooms contain a huge variety of mental and physical puzzles. Each of these have a different player in mind, playing to different people’s strengths.

5. Fosters Problem-Solving and Creativity

Problem-solving is central to any escape room. All throughout an escape room experience you are faced with many challenges which encourage your employees to think creatively around the problems. Adding the extra time pressure boosts this creative process and supports the development of innovation and problem-solving skills. While the time pressure adds to the creative process, it does not increase the level of stress.Instead it encourages creativity through collaborating with their fellow team members..

6. Develops Time Management and Task Skills

In almost every workplace we are required to complete certain tasks by a certain time or deadline. We all know that it’s part of everyday life. Some of us will even create task lists to break down larger tasks. Escape rooms provide very little time to do a large amount of tasks. Having a lot to do within a short period of time helps to develop task and time management skills. It can also help the team to delegate tasks out to the group to become more efficient as a team.

7. Helps to Realize Natural Team Leaders

Escape Rooms provide the opportunity to see and hear who the natural team leaders are. When placed in a high-pressure, timed environment, those with an innate ability to lead teams will become evident. An escape room can also provide the team leaders with a naturally-challenging environment to build upon their leadership and management skills.

8. Affordable and Effective

Team building can be very expensive. Escape Rooms are a very cost-effective way to build your great teams. We can cater to any size group, and have special pricing for larger groups making for a great, affordable team building activity.

9. Improve Decision Making Abilities

 Quick and efficient decision-making is one of the most useful attributes of any team leader in a workplace. We need to rely on people who have the confidence to make (sometimes) difficult decisions quickly, sometimes with limited information. However, it can be very difficult to practice this particular attribute. Escape rooms provide a realistic scenario to make that decision. Not only are they making the decisions for themselves, they may also be making decisions that will affect the rest of the team.

10. Makes Lasting Memories 

If our employees have great memories together, they can work very well as a team. Having fond memories with colleagues and coworkers strengthens relationships between team members and boosts morale. The positive memories we can make as a team, the longer we want to be part of that team. All the reasons why escape rooms are the best team building activity.

Let’s make great teams. Let’s make great memories.


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