When should we arrive?

It is important that you arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before your start time to be properly briefed and ready to go. We work hard to stay on schedule and it helps if we can start on time so we thank you for being prompt. If you are late, we may have to start the timer at your appointment time.

Are we really "locked in"?

You are not actually locked in the room. You can leave the room at any time. However, once you leave a room the game is over for you, but your team may continue to play.

Our numbers have changed?

If your participant numbers have changed since your booking, don't worry! Unless your numbers increase or decrease dramatically you may simply arrive and we'll settle up at that time. If, however, you need an additional room or don't have enough players to play - notify us as soon as possible and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

How physical is the game?

Project Excape rooms require no physical demands. No crawling, climbing or exertion. Just a positive attitude, spirit of cooperation and brainpower.

Does Project Excape host parties?

We are happy to host children's parties for kids 11 and over.  However, for all children 11 - 13 we do require that an adult attend inside the game room. (We don't charge for the adult.) We do ask that you ensure the kids understand the type of activity it is. In consideration of all our guests, please no running and yelling, but we do encourage cheering.

Will younger players be scared?

Our Escapes rooms are not scary in any way. All our rooms are appropriate for younger players.

Are your facilities accessible?

Our facility is an accessible facility. We are located on the ground floor of our building with plenty of adjacent parking. Our rooms are completely accessible and we have an accessible restroom.

What are your success rates?

Each group has a dedicated Gamemaster. Their job is to ensure you have the best time possible. They will follow along closely and if you are getting stuck, they will provide you with a hint to set you on the right track. For this reason, most teams are successful in escaping the room. If you do not want hints, that's okay! Simply let your Gamemaster know prior to the game.

Will my group be placed with another group?

Maybe. The room is open to be booked until all the spaces are filled. If you do not have the maximum number of players for the room but would like to have the room for just your party you will need to call to book your appointment and may have to pay the minimum room fee. However we encourage collaboration, the more people in the room the more help there is to escape!

What is your cancellation policy?

Once your tickets are reserved, other guests are unable to reserve that number of tickets. Because those spots are taken, we do not offer refunds for missed games or for guests who decide not to play after booking is complete. If you are unable to make your scheduled game, please let us know before your appointment time.  We will be happy to reschedule your time.

Can I come inebriated?

No. In light of this, if you are visibly under the influence, we reserve the right to ask you to leave the premises without a refund. We would like to keep you, your team and our staff as safe as possible and cannot claim to be doing so if any of the above-named parties are intoxicated.


Also, if you are offensive or threatening towards any of our staff, you will also be asked to leave the premises without a refund.


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